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Sunday 30 Oct.: 17:30 >> 20:00
Monday 31 Oct.: 08:00 >> 19:30
Tuesday 1 Nov.: 08:00 >> 18:00
Wednesday 2 Nov.: 08:00 >> 18:00
Thursday 3 Nov.: 08:00 >> 18:00
Friday 4 Nov.: 08:00 >> 12:30


Call for Papers
01 April 2016


Registration/hotel booking site open
01 April 2016


2nd Announcement
01 June 2016


Receipt of abstracts
15 July 2016


Notification to authors
Mid September 2016


Final programme on line
3 October 2016


Increase in registration fee
07 October 2016


31 October – 4 November 2016


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Dynamic Programme

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Programme overview

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SAR Altimetry Workshop

31 October

The objective of this workshop is to make a progress status about SAR altimetry processing and the applications notably in coastal areas but also for inland waters. The workshop will be organized around oral presentations and posters.



SAR programme – 25 October 2016
PDF Document [180 Ko]



SAR Abstracts book – 03 October 2016
PDF Document [220 Ko]

2016 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team (OSTST) meeting

01 – 04 November

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The yearly Ocean Surface Topography Science Team meeting includes the splinter working sessions of the traditional OSTST event as well as round tables and a poster session. In addition to the traditional in-depth analyses of TOPEX/Poseidon-Jason legacy missions, analyses from other missions bringing reciprocal benefits are welcome. Since this will be our first OSTST meeting after the successful launches of Jason-3 and Sentinel-3A, special emphasis will be placed on the calibration and validation of those new missions.

2016 OSTST splinters:

  1. Application development for Operations
  2. Instrument processing: environmental corrections (wet and dry troposphere, Ionosphere, Sea State Bias), LRM&SAR retracking
  3. Outreach, education & altimetric data
  4. Precision Orbit Determination
  5. Quantifying errors and uncertainties in altimetry data
  6. Regional and global CAL/VAL for assembling a climate data record
  7. Science results from satellite altimetry
  8. The geoid, Mean Sea Surfaces and Mean Dynamic Topography
  9. Tides, internal tides and high-frequency processes

Side meeting (Thursday 3rd Nov., 11:00 – 12:30): What needs in term of in situ sea level observation?: Open discussion with European tide gauges operators. [For more…]


OSTST programme – 27 October 2016
PDF Document [400 Ko]


OSTST Abstracts book – 06 October 2016
PDF Document [9100 Ko]

International Doris Service Workshop (IDS)

31 October – 01 November

This is a meeting for all those who analyze DORIS data, use products derived from DORIS data, or who are involved with the DORIS network. The meeting will highlight current developments and the status of scientific results that use DORIS data, and will provide a platform for discussion and coordination of future activities. The session will include oral presentations and posters.

  1. Network and constellation: status and evolution
  2. Precise Orbit Determination and clock
  3. IDS processing for and with ITRF2014
  4. Research activities and new applications

IDS programme – 14 October 2016
PDF Document [160 Ko]


IDS Abstracts book – 14 October 2016
PDF Document [150 Ko]